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The Decapaphiliac: Or Love in the Time of Cappuccinos

The Decapaphiliac: Or Love in the Time of Cappuccinos - Alex Weinle, Gareth Sleightholme This wasn't my usual type of book but the cover and the description caught my eye. It was a nice break from the YA series I've been reading lately and there were quite a few bits that made me smile as I read them. There are seven stories; The Decapaphiliac which, despite it's rather alarming subject, was rather heartwarming. The Glasses Adjuster that had me smiling to myself for a good five minutes after. The Eurofood Drama made me flinch, grin and managed to compare beer cans to a Greek chorus which was impressive. The Throgmorton Driller describes a trip to the dentist in such fearful accuracy I found myself running my tongue over my teeth. The Lift had a beautiful way of having a narrator move time consciously but was a little harder to read than the others. The Disassociate was a page-turner and made me smile at the ending. The Editor was my favourite and I'll leave it at that.
All in all, I would say this is a good book for people who don't have a huge amount of time to read, or have a short commute, and don't mind the more mature subject matter in some of the stories.