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Spiderwick:The Field Guide

Spiderwick:The Field Guide - T. & Black,  H. DiTerlizzi This is a really fun introduction to this series; you meet the characters, you see the house, you start to see the wonders and scares of this world. The whole series doesn't shy away from being just that little bit scary, but it has enough humour and family and great storytelling to make it a perfect kids book. It also has a lovely bit where a character who isn't really a 'reader', loves to stay up late reading when he finds a book that interests him. I loved it. The same character is dealing with anger issues; "he knew what it was like to be mad, and he knew how easy it was to get into a fight, even if you were really mad at someone else." It really stood out to me as a great message, and these books could be used to open some pretty tricky conversations with kids. Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black have written a great first book.

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