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Kitty and the Midnight Hour

Kitty and the Midnight Hour  - Carrie Vaughn I have a thing for late night radio/ radio talk shows. But when I was googling around for something radio show based, I found the Kitty Norville series. The main difference being that Kitty is a werewolf and the radio show is a talk show for the supernatural- werewolves and vampires basically. I wasn't expecting a huge amount from these books though. I was kind of expecting the same kind of thing as the True Blood books- especially with a Charlaine Harris quote on the front. I was guessing it was going to be a fun, supernatural, trashy kinda read. But I was pleasantly surprised. Any book that manages to reference Paradise Lost on the 7th page is not to be treated like a trashy novel because damn. I was taught the first two books at school and that is not a book I would manage to reference easily.
It was fun while managing to deal with some pretty dark stuff with pack dynamics and growing up as a werewolf, and kept me reading long into the night.

But I do agree with other Goodreads reviewers when Cormac's 'stache made me grimace!