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Kitty Takes a Holiday (Kitty Norville #3)

Kitty Takes a Holiday (Kitty Norville #3) - Carrie Vaughn Now this book was good! I've been reading this series through the year and I was browsing my book nook for something to read and despite this being at the bottom, hidden behind a second layer of books and with the weight of three layers of books on top of it, it was worth the time wiggling it out. I really like the Kitty Norville Series as a contemporary take on werewolves and magic and the supernatural.
However, this book had one downside that really had me struggling when I star-rated it and that was that the first 200 pages were great. Amazing. Reminded me of what I loved about this series after the bumpy second book even without the radio host element that made me pick up this series in the first place. I liked the new werewolf element being brought back and the Thoreau references. But the last 100 pages felt more like the second book where the legal stuff was happening and I don't feel it was the author's strong suit. It's a four star book- but it was this close to being a three star.

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