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Of Mice and Men

Of Mice and Men - John Steinbeck I'll admit that my interest in reading this book came from my love of Lost as it is referenced often. It's even Sawyers favourite book; "My favourite's Steinbeck; Of Mice and Men." I wanted something short to read as I had a bit of a book hangover and this was near the top of one of the piles of books I have. So I sat down and read it. And it was good, I can see why it's a classic and the commentary on the Great Depression is fascinating. I'd recommend it but..
There was one thing that stopped Of Mice and Men being a five star book for me and that was the treatment of women. Anyone in the comic book community and even some outside of it knows the phase 'Women in Refrigerators' which relates to Alex DeWitt being killed in Green Lantern and stuffed in the refrigerator to further the male storyline. I had a Women in Refrigerators problem with this book. Curley's wife, who is never even given a name, is there purely to be killed and even blamed for being murdered. To quote Steinbeck himself; Curley's wife is "not a person, she's a symbol. She has no function, except to be a foil – and a danger to Lennie." That's not good. It's reflective of the times but it's still a bit no for me.
I have to disagree with Sawyer on this one.