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A Bone to Pick

A Bone to Pick - Charlaine Harris I read the first book of this series last month and loved it. It was a five star book and this series continues to be strong in the second book. In fact, exactly like the first book, I read this in one evening as part of my Hallowreadathon as I predicted in this post!
The story continues an untold amount of time later but I'd put it at about 6-8 months after the last book ended, and Roe has just inherited a house. And a skull.
The mystery in this story is just as gripping as the last although there was less immediate danger and less of the thrill that comes with danger. However, I think that Harris has done a great job of keeping it realistic and I enjoy reading about Roe's life even without the drama. That's a good sign in my book.
I got the first three of these books from The Book People so I have one more to read before I have to buy the rest at full price, but I'm fairly sure I will!

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