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Conquest - John Connolly The premise of this book is that an alien race similar to humans has gone around the galaxies conquering planets, and decide to conquer Earth. As you can imagine, not a popular decision and there is a Resistance that is constantly trying to get them to go away. That's the base, now imagine a huge amount of other stuff on top like teen romance, robots, witches...
Trying to explain this book simply is a challenge but I really really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the sequel, Empire, that I tweeted the cover of. I know, I know, never judge a book by its cover but- pretty. It's being published on the 1st of January and I'm all over that.
The main character is totally loveable even though she's an alien, the romance is believable- no love at first sight in sight, and the plot is thick and way beyond what I expected for a YA book. It is a long book, and it takes some getting into but I really like the world and love that it's based in Scotland.

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